Friday, 12 April 2013

Quiet at the Back

A few weeks ago the school leadership team met for two days to share best practices, highlight successes, and confront struggles and challenges they face in building excellent schools for our students. From this activity grew a discussion around our purpose for educating children and our beliefs about what this means. The chart below is a map of this discussion. 

One of the things that emerged is that we have an immense amount to learn both together and from each other. As an Akanksha team, we have the benefit of being a network of schools, and as we grow it is critical that we be our first resource - that we leverage our strengths, ideas, and learnings to improve our schools and help each other.

This blog is meant to do just that. It is a place for school leaders, curricular support staff, coaches and teachers to exchange thoughts, questions, and ideas. As the title suggested, "Quiet at the Back" is a platform for all of us to engage in the kinds of discussions that are often neglected or lost in the million urgent tasks we must do every day. I hope that teachers and staff across our schools will read these posts to gain insights into schools across our network.

Let the posting begin!

Reena Shah
Chief Learning Officer, The Akanksha Foundation

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